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  •     Newest houseboat rentals on the Mississippi River - Located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin

    Other Mississippi River houseboat rentals might put you on a houseboat that is 20, or more, years old.

  • The only Mississippi River Houseboat Rentals with hot tubs on EVERY houseboat.

    Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations is the only houseboat rental company on the Mississippi River anywhere in Wisconsin, Iowa or Minnesota to offer the luxury of hot tubs on every houseboat.

  • Flying-Bridge on every houseboat.

    A flying-bridge allows you to drive the houseboat from atop the sundeck. Houseboaters tend to congregate and party on the sundeck. We know your captain will want to enjoy the comaraderie so we include a flying bridge on every houseboat. Not all houseboat rentals have flying-bridges, some houseboat rentals provide them only on select boats. If you reserve a houseboat with anyone other than Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations be sure to tell them you want a houseboat with a flying-bridge.

  • Party Top included on every houseboat.

    The sundeck on the houseboat is white allowing the deck to reflect the heat from the hot afternoon sun. Because anyone on the sundeck is being hit by the intense rays from the sun as they come down, and again as they are reflected, the sundeck becomes unbearable and unusable in the afternoon. The party top canopy makes the sundeck a very comfortable place to be, even on the hottest and sunniest days. Few other houseboat rentals on the Mississippi River have a party top canopy.

Experience your houseboat vacations aboard Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations!     We don't strive to be the biggest....we strive to be the best!
Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations and Rentals

To make a reservation with
Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations
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Houseboats are located at:
Summer Fun Houseboat Vacations
Sunset Bay Marina
24056 Lock and Dam Rd
Trempealeau, WI 54661

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